Improv Your Dutch

10-Week Improv Theatre Course

We all know learning a new language is not easy. It requires dedication, practice and making loooots of mistakes. But actually using Dutch is pretty hard, since those annoying Dutchies keep using the opportunity to show off their English. So, let’s meet in the middle and Improv Your Dutch: an improv theatre course for people who are learning Dutch and Dutchies who want to learn improv theatre.

In improv, we love making mistakes. It is the perfect tool to get more comfortable with the Dutch language and with improv theatre. It is not about studying proverbs or learning the irregular verbs by heart, but about connecting, making yourself understood and just trying it out. The perfect way to meet new people and have fun.

We’re offering a 10-week course from January 2024. This course is great if you have level A2 or higher. 

About Jenny

Jenny Hasenack is an experienced actor and teacher for improvised theater. Improv Your Dutch, a course made for people who are learning Dutch is one of her projects. 


If you want to register fill in the form below, email to or text/call at 085-5809910.

Dates: Tuesday evenings from January 2024. Details TBA.
Location: Utrecht
Trainer: Jenny Hasenack
Price: TBA
# Participants: min. 8-14

More information

If you want to sign up for the course or book a spot for an intake send a message
or call 06-48052650.


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