Language Training Dutch (NT2) and English for Highly-Skilled Professionals

Empower yourself!

Welcome to Language Empowers! Do you want to feel confident and powerful in Dutch or English? Do you want to be able to talk more easily with friends and colleagues? Speak more fluently, increase your vocabulary, joke and learn cultural nuances? Then you’re in the right place with us!

We provide Dutch (NT2) and English language courses that take you to the next level in a fun and relaxed way. In an intake interview we look at what you can already do and what you want to achieve, taking into account the environment in which you want to use the language. Teaching in small classes ensures we can tailor to individual as well as general needs and we create a bond between you, your classmates and your teacher. Together we prepare you to take the next step into the world! So you are ready to take the next step in the world!

Besides courses we offer activities such as city walks, museum visits and picnics.

Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)

NT2 for expats and lovepats who want to learn or improve Dutch. It is our goal that you feel at home in Dutch and understand the culture, so that you can talk, laugh and work with the people around you. Feeling at home starts with making contact with others. We work individually or in groups of a maximum of 12 students. Click on courses or business for the current offer and more information.


Do you need English for work or do you feel you cannot always express your thoughts and ideas accurately? We offer courses in Business English that help you improve your vocabulary, fluency and confidence. Click on Courses or For Business for more information.  

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