Conversation B2+

Have you taken a couple of Dutch courses? Would you like to speak more, expand your vocabulary and increase your fluency and speed? Then this is your course. If you have level B2 or higher, you can join.

In this 10-week course we will talk, talk and talk a little more. The teacher, your course mates and you will select the topics together. Your teacher will correct you, but not all the time, because it is about you speaking, gaining confidence and learning to speak more fluently. We will also work on vocabulary and pronunciation. You will have some homework and you will get to know people to practice with. 😊All courses at Language Empowers are about connecting with others, focus on speaking and having fun. Meeting people is part of the fun of taking a course.

The course will take place at Nieuwegracht 1, very close to the Domtower.

If you want to register or book your intake call, fill in the form below or call at 085-5809910.

Dates: From January 2024. Details TBA.
Location: Nieuwegracht 1, 3512 LB Utrecht
Trainer Gabi te Riele
Material: Selection will be made
Kosten: TBA
Aantal deelnemers: min. 5 - max 8

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If you want to sign up for the course or book a spot for an intake send a message
or call 06-48052650.


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